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DescriptionCIVKON AGI is a construction company that, based on its long-standing experience and knowledge of the local market, has made a discourse in its activity and from a company that is known for its specific and quality way of building, upgraded to a company which is a leader at the regional level with the introduction of a service so-called "BUILDING DIAGNOSTICS".
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Building Inspection

We are offering the new services to the Macedonian market so called HOME/BUILDING INSPECTION. BUILDING DIAGNOSTICS is noninvasive examination that with the help of appropriate technical equipment creates a clear picture of the state of the examined building. It Š°llows to identify hidden defects that are invisible to the naked eye or are invisible by standard examinations method. In Macedonia, only CIVKON AGI doo has the overall equipment to perform this type of testing. The equipment enables us to carry out detailed high-tech analysis of the situation of the dwellings, as well as the correctness of the integrated systems in it.

Keywords: Home InspectionBuilding DiagnisticsPassive HouseEnergy EfficiencyConstruction
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