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DescriptionNI TEKNA - Intelligent Technologies, founded in 2008, is an award-winning R&D company specialized in solving complex problems that require certain advanced intelligent solutions. Numerous successful projects were finished in the wider area of Artificial Intelligence, such as in Business Intelligence, Image and Sound Processing, Natural Language Text Processing and development and integration of complex Web and Mobile systems.
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NI TEKNA - Intelligent Technologies (www.ni-tekna.com) (founded in 2008) is an R&D company based in Macedonia, specialized for applications of Artificial Intelligence in modern technologies.

Currently in our team we have 8 full time employees and few more consultants, of which two consultants are with PhDs and 1 consultant is with MSc in Intelligent Systems. All our developers are graduated in Computer Science and Engineering, while two of them are finishing their MSc studies in Intelligent Systems.

We have successfully applied novel algorithms for research in data mining problems, classification problems, pattern and image recognition, for which our team has published tens of scientific papers and have received few international recognitions. For example, in 2015, our NI TEKNA team has won the 3rd place at the AAIA'15 Data Mining Competition held in Poland. The previous year (2014) our team was also among the top 6 distinguished competitors at the competition organized by the same conference. We have 2 more top 12th results out of hundreds competing teams from all over the world. The final results board from the competition in 2015 can be found on this link (where you can see our nitekna team on 3rd place):

We have worked on several Business Intelligence projects integrated with Web & Mobile applications. We have also worked on several Image Processing projects and have also extensive experience working with 3D Imaging and Face Recognition. We can show you in more details some of our projects.

We are also used to work with dedicated teams, our developers speak English fluently without any harsh accents, so we are used to work directly with clients. We can easily enlarge our team with great developers, as your needs arise. We know well in advance the developers that we hire, at least during a praxis stage at our company.

It would be great if we discuss further about how we can start to cooperate, and we are looking forward to meet you at the Balkan Technology Match 2018.

Keywords: Business IntelligenceImage ProcessingMultimedia ProcessingNatural Language ProcessingiOS DevelopmentAndroid DevelopmentFront-End DevelopmentBack-End DevelopmentMobile Development
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Offer & Request

ARLOPUS - The Synchronous Music Mobile Network

ARLOPUS - The Synchronous Music Mobile Network allows users to listen to the same music on many mobile devices at once. Its applicability is to be used as a tool for engaging participants, consumers and fans while interactively providing a unique passionate mutual experience.
We offer building white-label consumer or fan apps, which would provide a mean for a unique engagement with the fans and audience or it can be used as a marketing tool for consumer companies. It can be combined with uniquely designed offline promotion tools such as paper-horns or multi-packs.
We should schedule a meeting in order to quickly demonstrate the thrilling and encompassing effect that our system produces when in use on several mobile devices at once.
We have been supported by the Macedonian Fund for Innovations and we are open for partnerships/investments to further develop and commercialize this invention.