Michał Wasilewski

Bitcraft Sp. z.o.o
DescriptionWe specialize in designing and deploying innovative custom software for desktop, mobile and web. We have vast experience in Healthcare, Fin-tech, Automotive and IoT. Bitcraft also offers consulting int terms of high-tech and ICT business development. Our team consists of a group of project managing professionals, business analysts, programmers, user interface and graphic designers. Professionalism, accuracy and dependability gave us a reputable opinion, despite our relatively short time on the market. We believe in innovation. We believe in a world changing ideas and we help turning them into reality We gathered multiple positive comments and feedbacks from our international partners.
Organization Type Company
CityBiałystok, Marii Skłodowskiej 3 Google map
Offer & Request

Consulting - Bitcraft Brainstorm

It is a process (BB for short) that makes your project and idea better! It was created during multiple cases of close cooperation with start-ups.

The result is a rich feedback:

fresh, honest look on existing product / idea,
new approach towards existing solutions,
definitely an innovative approach,
confirmation whether the project is going in the right direction,
simpler (if needed) solutions,
proposition of the technology stack,
workload estimations,
updated schedules,
processes with diagrams,
user stories,
use cases,
functionalities revised,
better, faster, “bigger”? Product,
that and much, much more…

Cooperation Offered
  1. Technical co-operation
Offer & Request

Outsourcing, technical cooperation

Areas of Activity:

Information Processing, Information System, Workflow Management
Advanced Systems Architecture
Archivistics/Documentation/Technical Documentation
Computer Software
Electronic Commerce, Electronic Payment
Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Information Technology/Informatics
Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
Knowledge Management, Process Management
User Interfaces, Usability
Electronic Signature
Building Automation Software
Remote Control
Smart Appliances
Internet of Things
Cloud Technologies
IT and Telematics Applications
Applications for Health
Applications for Tourism
Applications for Transport and Logistics
Environment Management Systems & Documental Management Systems